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     Crayonball™ is an exciting new patented line of children’s coloring crayons.  Instead of the old stick crayons that quickly break and are left for trash, Crayonball™ crayons come in dynamic shapes that are not only fun to use, but promote learning, manual dexterity and are nearly impossible to break.  Crayonball™ crayons also last 20 times longer than stick crayons!
     Our lead product is the CrayonballTM, a multicolored ball-shaped crayon that separates like an oragne into 4 solid-colored wedges.  CrayonballTM  also comes in the following shapes: ball (sphere), square (cube), cone, and pyramid.  Each item is available to the wholesale and retail markets.
CrayonballTM is also perfect for special needs children.  The shapes are easy to hold, easy to use and durable.  In addition, both the shape and feel of the crayons hold the interest of children and promote creativity and learning.
Most important of all is that the CrayonballTM concept and Crayonball.comTM is a division of Four Daughters/Four Sisters, Inc., a family held company with a focus on the personal touch, where kids come first.  In short, we deeply care about our products and your needs.


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